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What is FLEMT

Founding members, Alessandro “Frank” Lapini and Michele Trillini, having previously performed together in “Ixion’s Wheel”, came back together in 2011, to form a new band FLEMT.

This reunion proved to be timely because, after months of hard work, the opportunity was presented to FLEMT to compete for the chance to open for Bon Jovi in concert. FLEMT won the contest and opened for Bon Jovi at the “Udine Stadium” before a crowd of 40,000 screaming fans.

The tracks from the demo tapes that were sent to the contest, were met with such tremendous response, FLEMT took those 13 original songs and used them for their debut album “The Time Has Come”.

The last two years have been very busy for FLEMT. They have completed two U.S. Tours, their original CD sold thousands of copies and FLEMT’s music can be found on daily worldwide radio rotation.

FLEMT is currently working on their second cd which will prove to be their greatest work yet. FLEMT continues to grow as artists and their music is showcasing their continual growth forward as a professional band.

The new cd is set to be released in 2019.

FLEMT, in 2017 & 2018, toured the east coast with much success. In the upcoming months, FLEMT will again be in the U.S. for performance dates.

The meaning of “FLEMT”? There has been much speculation into this mystery...

Patrik Pambianco

Patrik Pambianco

Lead Singer
Michele Trillini

Michele Trillini

Guitar - Backing Vocals

Born in Ancona in 1970.

A life spent playing rock & heavy guitar, rarely “slipped” into pop or other styles.

Ex guitar coach.

Started composing songs in 1983, founder of Kurnalcool in 1986, a well known heavy/punk italian band, still playing with them during FLEMT day-off.

Co-founder of FLEMT in 2006.

Alessandro Frank Lapini

Alessandro “Frank” Lapini

Bass guitar

Born in Bologna in 1967.

He started his first band when he was 12.

In 2006 he started a new and definitive musical project: in 2010 FLEMT took life.

Diego Romagnoli

Diego Romagnoli

Drums - Backing Vocals

Born in Ancona in 1971, playing drums since 1989.

Drummer, singer, and percussionist.

Mainly rock and prog music oriented, plays many styles with a lots of different cover bands (Queen, Iron Maiden, Robbie Williams, Bryan Adams, country-bluegrass music).

FLEMT drummer since 2011.

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